Mycah Higley A Basin



Mycah Higley is an artist born in Tulsa, Oklahoma who will receive her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in painting in May of 2016. She creates dreamy, atmospheric paintings that represent the intangibles of a space. Her paintings display emotion, experience and thoughts that have been developed in a specific place at a specific time. Mycah is influenced by architecture, landscapes, nature, and the interaction of humans within a place. She has exhibited work at Artspace @ Untitled, the Lightwell, Secondwind, Momentum OKC, and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. She plans to pursue an MFA in painting so that she may teach art on the university level.




Place defines us. We are shaped by the culture of the town we grew up in, we change with the beliefs of a new city we move to, and look forward to a perfect place that will always be better than the last. Some people stay in one town their entire life, and others never stop moving. I am particularly obsessed with place. I chose to depict abstracted landscapes to places I have been to show how they affected me emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

A place leaves a sort of imprint on a person. When we think of places, we remember how they felt, mostly, and that feeling permanently rubs off on our vision of a place. In some ways, recollection of a space is the most authentic because it is personal to the experiencer. Places help us remember how we felt, what we did, and how we have become who we are. Places allow me to understand my development into personhood through memory.

I am influenced primarily by landscapes. I look to the Romantic Landscapes of the Hudson River School of artists for inspiration in portraying land and space, while looking to artists like Kandinsky and Julie Mehretu for guidance in color and expression.

I recreate my memories of places through intuitive abstract painting. When painting, I allow the physical place to determine the composition of the forms I paint, forms that represent the intangibles of my experience of the physical place. I experiment with various painting techniques when creating my work in an attempt to accurately match a feeling from the place I am representing. My use of color and texture reflects the mood of the place, my experiences there, and the feelings I took from it.