MARY KETCH Dreaming of Caramels



Mary James Ketch, a native of Oklahoma, graduated from the University of Oklahoma and received her master’s degree in Film & Television from the University of Southern California. She is a writer, painter, and celebrant, heavily influenced by evolutionary psychology and believes that humans are the rare animal that has a need to understand his own life. At heart, she considers herself a storyteller and painting allows her the opportunity to convey ideas and images that are not easily put into words—how it feels to get lost in a spot of sunshine, or what it feels like to sacrifice yourself for someone you love. Her evocative paintings deconstruct moments from the everyday that are both intensely personal and timeless. She lives in Norman with her three children and her husband, David.


My aim is to create totems, images that contain a deeper psychological truth, without being overly emotive themselves. We remember our lives by their peak emotional moments, but those moments are personal, private, and often difficult for other people to witness. I want to capture everyday, often placid, moments that hint to the larger story. The images are often derived from reality, but with the use of flat space, skewed sizing, and sections left “unfinished” they cross over into abstract, leaving room for the viewer.