Jessica Legako 4



Jessica Legako is a painter who primarily uses oils and uses the palette knife for application; her work often involves high texture and thick paint. She has a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. Born and raised in Lubbock Texas, to a sunflower farmer and teacher where she was enriched with an outdoor lifestyle. As a young child she would sleep on the roof and observe the outside world. Her current work involves the focus of wood grain and movement. She currently lives and maintains her studio in Yukon, Oklahoma.




My paintings focus on fluidity and wood grain to express the act of frenetic movement. Forms in nature that are often overlooked inspire my work. The work focuses on wood grain and its ever-changing unexpected qualities. I choose colors that are personally nostalgic from my travels to oceans, lakes, and everyday ponds of the world. The water symbolizes aspects of my own personality, forever moving, changing and evolving.  I follow the wood grain and give it depth as to create a form of movement. The wood surface and its varying grains influence the imagery and process. I follow the grain and use a combination of oils and wood stain so as to keep the natural look and not cover it. My process is just as animated as the finished product. I exert an immense amount of physical energy and motion in my actions contributing to the resultant image. This process and focus on malleability reflect my philosophy that life never stops moving and the more influx you are the less likely you are to break.