Erica Bonavida Comfort in Security



Erica Bonavida is a realist painter who creates intricate stilllifes of fabric, working in oil paint on canvas.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, she did not begin painting until she was a senior in high school.  She completed her bachelors in fine art at the University of Central Oklahoma and set up her studio in Edmond Oklahoma where she resides with her husband and three children.


The unending possiblilites and challenges of textures and color inspire my paintings.I pair individual fabrics and textures together based on personal, tactile, and experiential memories to create my imagery.  These memories are composed and translated through visual textures, undulating forms, and distinct, limited color harmonies.  The fluid movement and scale of the work allows a personal intimacy between my subject and my process.  I become enveloped in the memories, subtle shifts in color, the technical application of paint and the minute, labor intensive details that drive me as a painter.​