Debra Ashley Slump Star Outside



I became interested in creating art when I decided I wanted to make my own patterns for stained glass work. The more involved I became in art classes, the more interested I became in setting my creative side free. As I explored different mediums, I became interested in three dimensional work, a total surprise to me!
I love the craft of planning and creating, as well as the freedom of the art to keep the work interesting. I first received my minor in art from UCO, then a few years later I went back for a BA in 3D Studio. I focused mainly on metals, as well as enameling metals. I continued to work in metals for some time after I graduated, then my continuing interest in warm glass convinced me to buy a kiln and take some classes. I love working with glass, in many of its forms.
Stained glass, enamels on metal, and fused glass are all work I love. At this time I am focusing on fused glass and love it!



My work often focuses on vessels as my favored form. I am inspired by organic shapes and organic remains such as leaves and flowers. I use the juxtaposition of the modern feel of glass contrasted with the added dimensions of color and the reactions of color on the glass in my work to express my concept. The the play of light is an important component of my work.I always strive to convey an organic feeling by using simple elegant forms and sinuous lines along with the contrasts of color to capture and interest the viewer.I want the viewer to be drawn to view the inside of the vessel as well as the outside. When I create panels, my wall pieces are often more whimsical, often focusing on the play of color and sometimes more of a free-from loose shape.