Behnaz Sohrabian Cider _ Oil _ 11_14



Born and educated in Tehran, Iran, Behnaz Sohrabian started painting as little child and continued her passion professionally from the age of 13. 
Behnaz received a BS in Applied Chemistry, a BA in Painting and a Master of Arts in Art Studies. After receiving her master’s degree, she immigrated to Oklahoma,
America to be near family. 
Speaking about her work, Behnaz commented that “My work is about me, my life, being a woman and the struggles that women still face in this era. I paint women as people- strong people with depth and power. I paint them as delicate and sensitive, but not weak.”


My aim is just to paint simply, apply easy brush strokes, emphasize on light and shadow, and the dynamics between the subject and background. I paint different subject matters for conveying the concept of feminine characteristics and femininity as a representation of simplicity, beauty & inspiration. Woman, flower, earth are creators in our life & they all interact in the process of fertility, reproduction & generosity. My art collection represents this association.