Becky Arman Fringe Oklahoma (1)



Becky Arman is an Oklahoma based mixed media artist, working primarily in oil paint and art resin. Arman received her BFA in studio art from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2015, with an emphasis in
drawing and painting. While most of her work focuses on elements of nature and predominately features detailed and controlled renderings, this latest series, Abstractions in Resin, is an exploration in giving up on that control and perfectionism and letting the process itself determine the mood and meaning behind each piece individually.



My current work, Abstractions in Resin, is a series of resin paintings, which focus more on process than subject matter. In this series, I often let the colors and natural movement of the material develop the aesthetic and meaning organically. Because of the messy and sometimes unpredictable nature of the material, each piece becomes an exercise in letting go of control and perfectionism. Despite the messy and free flowing nature of this process, the finished pieces are sleek and linear. The clean, controlled edges perfectly combine the free expressiveness of the material and the careful and detailed nature that is typical of my work.